Traditional Thai Food, Culture, and Crafts



Learn how to cook authentic Thai food, experience traditional Thai culture, crafts, and enjoy a “kun tok”, a traditional Thai style dinner buffet. In the morning put on a local costume and participate in an Alms giving ceremony with Thai-Mon style merit making.

3 meals included (lunch, dinner, breakfast)


(Price does not include transportation to and from The Antique Riverside)

Traditional Thai Food, Culture, and Crafts

(2 days, 1 night)

Day 1

12.30 Arrive at The Antique Riverside and be warmly welcomed with Thai herbal drinks
12.45 Pick up a pestle and mortar and learn to cook one of the most popular Thai dishes, “som tom” (papaya salad), which is both yummy and healthy. We will help you prepare all the ingredients and flavor the dish to your liking.
Lunch. Along with your freshly made som tom, we will serve you three different local dishes to share family style.
14.00-14.30 Check-in
14.30 Thai Culture 101: Pay respect to a Thai shrine with flowers as our guides also tell you about other cultural tips and history to know when visiting other destinations in Thailand.
Antique Treasure Hunt: Follow a map around the resort to learn about the
different items around the grounds.
15.30 Cultural crafts and cuisine workshops taught by locals
17.00 Rest and relax with our recommended onsite activities
18.00 Dinner with a view
Enjoy a special “kun tok” dinner -traditional Thai style dinner buffet- specially
prepared by our top chef

Day 2


Put on local costumes that we have prepared for you in your villa’s closet and

get ready for Alms giving ceremony, a traditional Thai-Mon style morning merit making event

*If the monks are in religious ceremonies, this plan will be changed to an

afternoon merit making at Nakhon Chum temple at 10.30 am.

8.30-10.00 Thai and international breakfast

Rest and relax with our recommended onsite activities

12.00 Check-out