drink & dine


We believe that a delicious meal is meant to go along with a beautiful view. Our authentic meals are prepared by experienced chefs with the highest quality local ingredients.

Our ingredients are sourced fresh daily from local farms and markets. Some of our vegetables are hand-picked from our own organic garden while much of our seafood is caught that morning from the Mae Klong river, the same river you’ll gaze over as you enjoy your meal. Both our Thai and international menu are fused together with local influence. We don’t use any cookie-cutter recipes, as our chefs would never allow it. Whether you’re sitting at one of our riverside tables or within the cool air conditioned glass hut, you will find yourself indulging in this simple, yet full-of-taste, meal with a fantastic environment around you.

Inspired by local recipes and culture but also cognizant of those looking for a break from Thai, our menu is carefully crafted with care and creativity for everyone to enjoy. It includes traditional Thai choices, international options, vegan dishes, as well as snacks and desserts to share. Take your palate on a journey across Thailand as you sample our authentic creations while watching the sunset over the river.

Open: Everyday 10.00-21.00




Hop on this antique train anytime during the day to grab your favorite drinks and baked goods! Whether you come for a morning coffee, a fresh smoothie after lunch, or a tea break in the afternoon, this vintage coffee station is ready to serve you a quality beverage with a unique ambience.


Open: Everyday 10.00 - 21.00

Nothing is better than sipping on a freshly brewed tea in the late afternoon overlooking the flow of the river while listening to the birds chirping. Take a break. Relax and refresh your soul.

Afternoon Tea by The River @ ฿ 299

An afternoon tea set for two (limited to only 10 sets per day)