11 October 2018

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Be more than a tourist.

Isn’t it too bland and so not meaningful to just visit some famous place and act like a typical tourist? They say the best way to get to know a place is through locals’ eyes.

Here at The Antique Riverside we welcome you to try out traditional clothing from your villa’s closet and immerse yourself in new culture through a variety of authentic cultural workshops and experiences run by the locals including Thai dancing, cooking classes, Thai whiskey making, and more!

Located at the heart of a historically rich area on the bank of the Mae Klong River, Ratchaburi’s charm comes from thousands of years of influence from Thai, Chinese, and Mon culture. As one of the few remaining locations heavily influenced by the Mon people, who are one of Southeast Asia’s oldest civilizations, Ratchaburi gives visitors a look into a culture they’ve most likely never seen before.

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Our Cultural Workshops and Experiences

Traditional Thai-Mon crafts and recipes sure to give you a new cultural experience unlike any other.

(500 ฿ .-/Person/Class)

MONDAY Old Style Coconut Dessert Workshop
Use an ancient stone tool to strip meat from the coconut, turn it into coconut milk, and then cook your own dessert over flames.
TUESDAY Thai Whiskey Workshop
Use Thai herbs to make a homemade whiskey and bring it home as a souvenir. Sometimes others put whole snakes or insects in their recipe… but don’t worry. We don’t! (Any age can make it but only 20+ can drink it!)
WEDNESDAY Antique Thai Stilt Making Workshop
Make an old style of stilts used many generations ago by Thai children and adults to play games or perform. After you’re done making them, you’ll learn to play the games on your new stilts!
Banana Tree Thai Toy Workshop

Many children from Western cultures play on a wooden stick horse. Historically, Thais have done the same but ours were specially made from the banana tree. After you finish your horse we don’t think you’ll be able to resist returning to your childhood for a minute or two! What a story to bring home!

THURSDAY Natural Thai Keychain Workshop
Make a keychain out of local “fak-ma-kha,” a bean-pod-like plant which can be dried out, turned into a keychain souvenir, and then custom painted to your liking. We can help you write your name in Thai, if you’d like!
FRIDAY Mon Festival Flag Workshop
Sew your own “tong-dta-khap”, which literally means centipede flag in English. Don’t worry. Although the pattern resembles that of a centipede, it’s simply a flag made from loincloth that is believed to bring good luck.
SATURDAY Thai Dessert Workshop
Make a Thai dessert that you’ve most likely never seen before! We STILL haven’t had one guest recognize this dessert, but after they make it, they sure love it!
SUNDAY Traditional Thai Silk Sewing Workshop
Use locally sourced sewing materials to create your own traditional Thai sash or a set of silk drinking coasters.