11 October 2018

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Savor fresh beer and dining delights. Choose your activity from fishing, biking, animal feeding, and much more! Check out our very own antique museum from a long-time antique collector or set out on our antique treasure hunt. Take a stroll along the river and then appreciate the beauty of the untouched nature on a real oxcart. Relax in a pool overlooking the Mae Klong River or enjoy a traditional Thai massage. Watching the sunset or star glazing, it all starts here.

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Activities within The Antique Riverside

(all inclusive with bookings of any accommodation unless noted otherwise)


There are plenty of different types of fish swimming around in the Mae Klong river. Try out some traditional fishing gear and have fun learning about these local Thai fish!


Bike around the town along the river, check out the local markets, and spot all the amazing street art painted by the local talent! They are quite something!

Feed the rabbits

They are so fluffy! Who doesn’t love these little snowballs? Feed them and run around with them all you want! Just make sure you watch your step.

Play with Sri Nakhon and Kwan Nakhon

They are our dearest mommy and daughter horses. We love them and we know you will too.

Feed the fish

Toss the fish food in the river and watch the different kinds of fish swarm! It’s a fun, simple activity to experience while chilling by the river.

Antique hunting

Luckily you will not need a shovel or a confusing map on this quest, thanks to this thing we call technology!

Embrace the antique world

Enjoy the mini antique museum from real Thai antique collectors. Fall back in time and let the antiques tell you a story.

Thai massage

How about a massage by the river? Our well trained masseuses will surely give you an amazing traditional Thai massage to put your mind and body at ease. (500.-/ชม.)

Thai herbal scrub

The abundance of natural herbal remedies available in Thailand give us the opportunity to use it in a therapeutic way. Our herbal scrub by the river will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Tee Pong - Learn to swim the traditional way

Throw away your bikini and put on a sarong. Back in the day, we only had khlongs (canals) and coconuts. To beat the hot climate, Thais would put on a slong, jump in the khlong, and then turn our salong into a tube to keep us afloat! If you needed extra floatation help, grab a coconut or two! Get ready to learn a new way to enjoy the water!

Try out the local costumes

When in Thailand, do as the Thais do! You’ll want to try real Thai apparel once when you visit Thailand. We have it all prepared for you! Get your camera ready!

Explore the village on a traditional wooden oxcart

Yes! That’s right! A REAL wooden oxcart, which is really rare these days. Stop right there animal lovers. We know what you are thinking. Don’t worry. We love animals too. Ratchaburi is famous for its buddhist parades featuring well-dressed oxen and horses. This tradition dates back many generations and Ratchaburi is one of the last places in Thailand to still be able to keep this tradition alive. These animals are considered to be sacred so we do not hurt them in any way! The Antique Riverside does not own these animals, so the profits from this activity are not for our pockets, but for the local owners. Your experience will help increase the quality of life of those living in the community. Get ready to meet our local sage, Uncle Rue, as he shows you the true lifestyle of those in our community today. (700.-/person Min. 2 Max 4 persons/ cart)

Visit temples on horseback and see them dance

Same as the oxen, as a part of the sacred buddhist parade, these horses are well dressed with delicate fabrics and colorful accessories like you have never seen anywhere else before. These horses can dance, too! Music has long played a huge part in Thai tradition and religious festivals. These horses love dancing to the music! Wait until you witness it with your own eyes and dance along with them! Again, owned by the local sages, these horses are well trained for the monks or even the little monks to ride on. Uncle Rue, our favorite local sage, is very knowledgeable and will be with you at all times. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from asking him questions! (700.-/person)