Ratchaburi is a charming small town where three cultures, Thai, Chinese, and Mon, are combined seamlessly.

Our goals are to preserve and promote local cultures and traditions (especially the disappearing the culture of the Mon people) while providing jobs and increasing the standard of living of the local community.

To achieve our goals, we engage closely with the local community by offering long-term employment opportunities and by buying locally made products to support the local economy. We want to grow strongly along side the local community. We have always remained faithful to our philosophy of the traditional Thai ways, integrated with the Mon and Chinese culture that exists in this area as well.


32/3 Moo.4 Nakhon Chum, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi Thailand


083-032-9785, 032-297-298




Although the ancient Mon people shaped the region of Southeast Asia very early on, many of their traditions have been lost throughout history.


Dating back over 1000 years, the Mon people are one of the oldest civilizations in Southeast Asia. Their rocky history saw them first rise to political and cultural power but then fall into the state we find them today over the course of many years. Although their population and influence today is weaker than in the past, their culture continues to influence those of Myanmar, Thailand (including the ancestry of the Royal Family of Thailand), and Laos. They are also partially responsible for the spread of Buddhism in the region.


Once at the top of the totem pole of Southeast Asia, the noble Mon people have faced centuries of harassment, persecution, and brutalities from the likes of other civilizations, notably the Burmese. These atrocities have led to the destruction of artifacts, recorded history, and the loss of traditions.



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