Explore the Traditional Local Market

3 Aug

Watch World Cultural Heritage and Explore the Traditional Local Market along the River

Internationally recognized Thai cultural heritage, “Nang Yai” or “Grand Shadow Play” was regarded as a form of high class entertainment in former times. Being a combination of several art forms, Nang Yai represents high aesthetic values and reflects ancient wisdom. The origin of Nang Yai can be traced back to the kingdom of Sukhothai about 600 years ago.

Nang Yai National Museum is also opened for visitors to dig deeper into this cultural prestige play. It preserves the entire set of 313 shadow figures which is more than 100 years old in its perfect condition. The museum also presents the background and origin of the grand shadow play along with the carving process of the play’s leather pieces.

After watching Nang Yai, visitors are welcome to take a stroll through the traditional local market by the river where villagers gather together every weekend to sell their homegrown vegetables and home made food and drink served in banana leaves. This market has such a unique character to it as the traditional ways of life are kept alive. Most of the villagers still wear traditional local Thai or Mon clothes on a daily basis which is a rare find in today’s modern society. To enjoy your local market experience to the fullest, put on the local costumes we provide and blend in!

Grand Shadow Play show time: Saturday at 10 am, Sunday at 11 am

Market: 9 am – around midday

Free shuttle leaves from The Antique Riverside every Sunday at 10 am